Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (literally). You’ve probably seen the store aisles filled with chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals…but we all know what women want: jewelry! There is such a variety of options to choose from for jewelry gifts. Often men stick to the traditional heart shared pieces but here we’ve shared some cute and non-traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that are simple and still romantic:

1. Studs: A great and simple gift idea!  Any woman would be thrilled to receive sparkly diamond studs or even colorful gemstone studs.

Diamond Stud Earrings

2. Statement Bracelet: Many women love large jewelry pieces. We highly recommend a stylish bracelet, like the butterfly cuff bracelet featured below. It’s elegant and modern and perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Bracelet from Fred Meyer Jewelers

3. Ladies Watches: With the current trend of “boyfriend watches” (which is essentially a large face on the watch with a bulky metal band), we would highly recommend this style of watch as a gift. Yellow and Rose Gold are hot colors right now, so you should definitely consider them as options.

Ladies Watch from Fred Meyer Jewelers

4. Splurge gift: It goes without saying that a gorgeous diamond piece of jewelry is always the best answer. How beautiful is this sparkling Lovebeat Diamond Pendant?

Lovebeat Pendant from Fred Meyer Jewelers

5. Heart ring: We had to put at least one heart shaped piece of jewelry on this list! This amazing Amethyst and Diamond ring in Rose Gold from our EFFY collection will catch her eye immediately.

Amethyst and Diamond Ring from Fred Meyer Jewelers


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